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Boobpedia does not charge any fees, and is ad-free. The server, bandwidth, and content licensing costs are supported entirely by Boobpedia readers. If you believe in the mission of an encyclopedia of busty women, and wish for Boobpedia to continue growing, please support Boobpedia.

How to support Boobpedia as a reader

In some articles, Boobpedia links to certain websites using referral links. In exchange, these websites provide two things to Boobpedia.

  1. They give Boobpedia licensed photos to use.
  2. If you buy products or membership from a website through a referral link, Boobpedia receives a referral fee.

It is important to note that this referral fee does not come from higher prices (it comes from the pockets of the linked websites). They will never be more than the regular price, and in some cases Boobpedia will be able to work out special discounts for its users. Also, Boobpedia always uses pop-up-free referral links whenever available. So using the referral links actually results in less pop-ups than visiting the sites directly.

By clicking the referral links and purchasing something, you get great porn for yourself, help Boobpedia receive licensed content and referral fees, pay regular price or less, and get less pop-up ads. Your support will go toward the costs of running Boobpedia and expanding it in the future.

How to support Boobpedia as an editor

If you are a regular editor, you are already contributing to Boobpedia with your hard work. What more can you do?

You may have noticed that some articles contain templates, which link to membership sites using special referral links. Please try to use these templates instead of plain links, since these links are the only things supporting Boobpedia. If you run into a site which does not have an associated template, use a plain link for now, but please contact the administrator to have a template added.

How to support Boobpedia as a webmaster

Do you run a website yourself? Links to Boobpedia are appreciated. A text link is just fine. The official tagline is Boobpedia: encyclopedia of big tits, or Boobpedia: encyclopedia of big boobs. You can also use any of the buttons provided here.




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